Hi Folks,

With this blog, I am starting my journey as a Blogger. As a developer, I always find help available in form of good posts when I am stuck in issues or looking for some solution. This is my effort to give back to the Developer Community on the whole.

Sitecore has provided support for Solr . Let’s explore the world of Solr and Sitecore in a series of posts. Currently we will discuss a number of steps to Install and Configure Solr as a Windows Service.

  1. Before configuring Solr, it is required to install Java Runtime Environment (JRE) version 1.8 or higher.
  2. Before downloading Solr, we need to verify which version of Solr is compatible with our Sitecore version. We can check this here Solr Compatibility Table.
  3. Let’s download appropriate version of  Solr .
  4. Unzip downloaded solr-[version].zip folder in some location.step-2
  5. Download Non Sucking Service Manager (NSSM). NSSM is the Non Sucking Service Manager which will run and manage your services.
  6. Unzip downloaded nnsm-[version].zip file.
  7. Go to the NSSM file location and copy either the directory path of win64 or win32 folder as per our system configuration.
  8. Open command prompt with Administrator Rights and change the directory path to the win64/win32 folder as per above step.
    For eg :  cd   C:\SOLRInstances\SolrTrial\nssm-2.24\nssm-2.24\win64
  9. Run nssm install command .
    For eg : nssm install solrTrial. It will open the GUI.step5
  10. Provide the following information in GUI.
    1.  Path : Path of the solr.cmd file.
      For eg :  \solr-6.0.0\solr-6.0.0\bin\solr.cmd
    2. Startup directory : Path of the Solr bin folder.
      For eg : \SolrTrial\solr-6.0.0\solr-6.0.0\bin
    3. Arguments : start -f -p . -f (foreground) parameter so that when we restart or stop the service, NSSM kills it . -p (port number) is the port on which we will run our service.
      For eg :  start -f -p 8040step6
    4. Go to the Detail Section. Provide Display Name and Description for the Service. Click on Install Service.step7step9step-11
  11. Our Service is successfully installed. Now we will start our service.Run net start <servicename> command.
    For eg: net start solrTrialstep-12
  12. Browse this URL : http://localhost:portnumber/solr
    For eg : http://localhost:8040/solr/#/step12
  13. Go to the bin folder of SOLR directory and copy the path. Run cd command on command prompt.
    For eg: cd C:\SOLRInstances\SolrTrial\solr-6.0.0\solr-6.0.0\bin
  14. Run solr status command. It will provide the status of your running service.step13

Now , Your Solr Service is successfully configured and it is up and running. Are you curious to know how it will be integrated with Sitecore please follow my next blog post.